• Very satisfied with the work done by American Platinum Remodeling in replacing original 1935 bathroom.  The crew was professional, highly competent and efficient. The owner Greg, responded quickly to all questions, kept us informed and delivered on all promises.  Our bathroom looks fantastic. Would highly recommend them and would definitely use their services again for other projects.

    Leslie Van Wagner, Fanwood, NJ
  • Anyone who has ever had any damage to their home knows that it is one of the most demoralizing events one can go through in their lifetime. On the day we moved in not even 12 hours in our residence we had a diverter issue that caused a massive leak that lead to the living room ceiling and floor being substantially damaged. We had several contractors visit us and give us estimates but Greg and his company really just stood out. First of all his dad is a wealth of good advice and gave us tons of useful suggestions every time he had a chance and everywhere he looked(on top of what he saw with the leak).  Secondly they were very thorough in their assessment of the damage, the cause and the solution. We opted to get some other work done since we were going to break the ceiling open. we added recessed lighting and decided to have our laundry room completely revamped.They gave us a very reasonable price and assured us they were going to put our pieces back together. Greg gave us his word that not only was he going to make us comfortable in our home again but  that it would be better than how we found it. Greg and his team, Brian and Julio, were at our house every morning for a week and on time every day. They were very prepared(they had a mobile work center) and courteous and neat. They tore down our ceiling, re did the plumbing, fixed the leak source, fixed some duct work that was done wrong, and put our ceiling back better than what it was.They walked us through every process that they were doing making sure it was to our specs and also teaching us about some of the inner workings of our place. It was a learning experience for me being the “handyman” of the house. They even helped me when i ran into trouble replacing light fixtures and doorbells. To be honest they were a pleasure to have around and we kind of missed them once they finished. In the end the work was flawless and me and my wife really got to experience that feeling of bliss when you first move in to your new place. We were “whole” again and finally felt like we were in a place called home. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us to this place. They gave us hope when we had none.

    Greg has also been extremely helpful in helping me prepare my evidence for my lawsuit against the seller. Greg made good on his promise and went above and beyond the call of duty. His team is coming back this weekend to make sure that everything is up to their standards. One last thing i have to say is that during these times of economic duress its good to see people that are not just looking to make a buck but are passionate about their work, grateful to be working, and willing to help in any capacity(Brian even found it in his heart to help a stray dog he saw roaming our facility). My fellow members these are the people that we need to support. My experience with Greg and his team was an amazing journey. It taught me a standard of work ethic by which all others will be measured by but honestly after this experience I don’t think I will be looking any further than these these guys.

    Anthony & Jackie Martinez, Vauxhall, NJ
  • Excellent company that takes pride in its workmanship and work ethic. They arrived at 6:30 in the morning EVERY SINGLE day to perform the work they had planned for that day and finished everything very very quickly. Everything was given even more attention than we had expected- for example they were unhappy with the way the tape over the seam between the sheetrock looked in one area after it was painted and they insisted that it had to be redone! Very meticulous, and truly care that their work is a reflection of only that. No halfway work here, when given the choice between doing excellent work or cutting corners, they consistently chose to do excellent work because they truly value their expertise and doing things correctly. They are very professional in obtaining the experts needed for every step of the job, whether it be expert craftsmen or professional wood installers. We never heard any excuses about anything not being worth it for them to do, or anything being too hard for them to tackle. They are also VERY willing to involve you as much as you would like in every step of the process- most of the plans were our own with consultation with an architect and they had no problems working with us to execute our ideas. Other contractors we interviewed gave us a lot of excuses about our ideas  not because there was anything structurally impossible about them, but because it wasn’t worth it for them to tackle the work. Many of them tried to give us suggestions for different jobs that were perhaps more lucrative to them, but American Platinum Remodeling did none of that- they are really willing to work with what you want. If anything came up during the job, they completely took care of it. There were some water stain footprints on the carpet in one area from the snow outside, and they shampooed and cleaned it to look like new. Great business model that values the customer.

    Julie Guirguis, Basking Ridge, NJ
  • As soon as i moved into my new house i know it needed a renovation ASAP.  The 2 most crucial  parts needed  a face lift, the kitchen and the master bathroom.  I met with Greg from American Platinum and immediately i knew that he was the one i wanted to use for the remodeling. He was friendly, punctual, patient, and also very professional. The bathroom i wanted involved special lighting and special stone for the custom countertop, American Platinum was able to deliver all of this and exceeded my expectations.   I am so indecisive  and picky when it comes to doing things how i want them but with Greg’s help he put together an awesome plan for the cabinets, countertop, backsplash and fixtures for  the kitchen. The remodel was finished on time and the quality of the work was fantastic and the attention to detail unparalleled.  The ongoing, clear communication between client and contractor are a key factor to a project’s success. Greg masters this, as well as a genuine personal interest in your comfort and understanding of the project at all levels. I  highly recommend them to any one who is looking for their dream home.

    Lauren Adams, cranford, NJ
  • Greg is the best. He is incredibly professional, attentive and is true to his word. Estimates are right on target, and if there is anything you need, he will work with you to get it done. The people who work for him are incredibly polite and respectful. The remodel looks amazing and our floors are awesome! We will definitely use Greg again, and already have him lined up for another job.

    Roxanne Dowell, Berkeley Heights, NJ
  • Greg, the owner, is excellent to work with and very fair. Excellent workmanship and payed great attention to detail.They tore

    the ceiling and part of the one wall to make sure any possible mold was removed and the repairs were done correctly. I was concerned about the mess spreading to other rooms in the house from the walls being torn down but they did an excellent job at containing everything to the one room they were working in. They cleaned the room daily before they left. Our home looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the job they did. I tell everyone I can about Greg and American Platinum.Companies like this are

    rare and hard to find. I highly recommend him and his crew.

    Blake Clay, Rahway, NJ
  • I set an appointment with Greg (the owner) via phone (he answered his phone at 10 pm even while he was at the gym) and then we communicated via text for the rest of our conversations.  One of his guys came out promptly to the appointment, made sure he knew what I wanted and set out to work.  He regrouted some areas of my kitchen floor that had come loose over the past year.  There was also a tile that had been unseated and he laid that back in as well.  Because he was done before the three hours were up, he asked if there was anything else I needed.  I said the bathtub desperately needed recaulking and could he do that, too.  He agreed and did a beautiful job with our dingy old tub.  After he left, I noticed a small problem with the grout in the kitchen.  Greg called to see how the job had gone and if I was happy and I mentioned that I thought there might be something wrong.  He scheduled another appointment for me and kept constant communication with me until he was able to send someone back.  When he did, Greg came first to see the job and make sure the small issue was taken care of properly.  He directed his employee to do whatever areas I asked for and to be sure it was to my liking.  This second employee also did fine work but Greg sent another supervisor, Billy, to make sure I was satisfied with the job.  I was, and they left after cleaning up.

    I have purchased several Big Deals through AL; always different providers but each time with the hopes of establishing relationships with the good ones.  Greg was communicative, relatable, and sincere.  He was reachable and returned my texts immediately (even while at Great Adventure with his kids).  When I was unhappy, he came out to rectify that even though it was just a tiny little job.   That kind of dedication is rare and this is a provider who I will call again.

    Donna Larkin, Union, NJ
  • Greg D’Onofrio and his team are outstanding.  Their work is very high quality and they are reliable and very professional.  Greg made sure that he understood what needed to be done, provided an estimate and then did the work and completed everything when he said he would.

    I would recommend this company to anyone and I am going to use his services again.  It’s hard to find a good contractor these days who is reliable and does quality work.  Greg goes well above that!!

    Jane Kenyon, Aptos, CA
  • Greg did a great job with our home renovations and cares about the work that he does. Other pluses, he is professional and an excellent communicator. He makes it a point to make sure all details are correct and that we are happy with the results. We are very pleased with the way that everything came out and will be using him again for future renovations.

    Jill Johnson, Westfield , NJ
  • We could not be happier with our bathroom renovation.  Working with Greg was great from the beginning. He responded to my request for an estimate right away, came to our house, listened to exactly what we wanted and provided us with an estimate that same day.  Greg is an excellent communicator and responded immediately any time I had a question.  His crew was great; they came on time every day and cleaned up before they left.  They were really polite and unobtrusive and really cared about doing a good job.  Greg checked in throughout the project and made sure that we were 100% satisfied when it was done.  He is a true professional and we are thankful that we found him at the beginning of what will be many home renovations.  We definitely hope to work with American Platinum Remodeling in the future.

    Kathryn Grosch, Cranford, NJ
  • Greg and his crew did an excellent job from the start to the finish. We contacted him to schedule an appointment to have a look at our bathroom and to provide us with an estimate – he was very responsive in finding a time that works for both and was very easy. Shortly after having been at our house he send us the estimated cost and also helped us understand how the price is calculated, which made us feel very comfortable.  As we wanted to get the work done as soon as possible, Greg’s crew started just a few days later. Kris, Hank and Chase came every day perfectly on time. We loved having them in our house, they were very polite, friendly and professional at all times.  The guys did a tremendous job and we couldn’t be happier. They were also very patient and provided us with their expertise at any point of time. Even unplanned things, like building out the window trim or adjusting the door to the new floor, were done by them without increasing the cost. Since the light we intended to install didn’t work with the mirror cabinet, they took their time to go through all possibilities to help finding the best way. It seemed to be a given to them making everything perfect without having to mention it. The craftsmanship was A+ quality- they handled several custom touches – recessed niche, custom reducer trim piece, window frame, as well as the odd shape of of our bathroom without a problem.   Also every day when they left they cleaned up and wiped the floor from the front door to the bathroom. There is nothing negative to mention! Greg stopped by several times and checked in on the project and made sure we are fine with everything. We trusted Greg and his crew so much, that we did not have any issue leaving them alone at our house (with our dog).  We are already planning the next projects we want to do with Greg, Kris, Chase and Hank.

    Christina Herbert, Maplewood, NJ