Excellent company that takes pride in its workmanship and work ethic. They arrived at 6:30 in the morning EVERY SINGLE day to perform the work they had planned for that day and finished everything very very quickly. Everything was given even more attention than we had expected- for example they were unhappy with the way the tape over the seam between the sheetrock looked in one area after it was painted and they insisted that it had to be redone! Very meticulous, and truly care that their work is a reflection of only that. No halfway work here, when given the choice between doing excellent work or cutting corners, they consistently chose to do excellent work because they truly value their expertise and doing things correctly. They are very professional in obtaining the experts needed for every step of the job, whether it be expert craftsmen or professional wood installers. We never heard any excuses about anything not being worth it for them to do, or anything being too hard for them to tackle. They are also VERY willing to involve you as much as you would like in every step of the process- most of the plans were our own with consultation with an architect and they had no problems working with us to execute our ideas. Other contractors we interviewed gave us a lot of excuses about our ideas  not because there was anything structurally impossible about them, but because it wasn’t worth it for them to tackle the work. Many of them tried to give us suggestions for different jobs that were perhaps more lucrative to them, but American Platinum Remodeling did none of that- they are really willing to work with what you want. If anything came up during the job, they completely took care of it. There were some water stain footprints on the carpet in one area from the snow outside, and they shampooed and cleaned it to look like new. Great business model that values the customer.