Greg and his crew did an excellent job from the start to the finish. We contacted him to schedule an appointment to have a look at our bathroom and to provide us with an estimate – he was very responsive in finding a time that works for both and was very easy. Shortly after having been at our house he send us the estimated cost and also helped us understand how the price is calculated, which made us feel very comfortable.  As we wanted to get the work done as soon as possible, Greg’s crew started just a few days later. Kris, Hank and Chase came every day perfectly on time. We loved having them in our house, they were very polite, friendly and professional at all times.  The guys did a tremendous job and we couldn’t be happier. They were also very patient and provided us with their expertise at any point of time. Even unplanned things, like building out the window trim or adjusting the door to the new floor, were done by them without increasing the cost. Since the light we intended to install didn’t work with the mirror cabinet, they took their time to go through all possibilities to help finding the best way. It seemed to be a given to them making everything perfect without having to mention it. The craftsmanship was A+ quality- they handled several custom touches – recessed niche, custom reducer trim piece, window frame, as well as the odd shape of of our bathroom without a problem.   Also every day when they left they cleaned up and wiped the floor from the front door to the bathroom. There is nothing negative to mention! Greg stopped by several times and checked in on the project and made sure we are fine with everything. We trusted Greg and his crew so much, that we did not have any issue leaving them alone at our house (with our dog).  We are already planning the next projects we want to do with Greg, Kris, Chase and Hank.