Anyone who has ever had any damage to their home knows that it is one of the most demoralizing events one can go through in their lifetime. On the day we moved in not even 12 hours in our residence we had a diverter issue that caused a massive leak that lead to the living room ceiling and floor being substantially damaged. We had several contractors visit us and give us estimates but Greg and his company really just stood out. First of all his dad is a wealth of good advice and gave us tons of useful suggestions every time he had a chance and everywhere he looked(on top of what he saw with the leak).  Secondly they were very thorough in their assessment of the damage, the cause and the solution. We opted to get some other work done since we were going to break the ceiling open. we added recessed lighting and decided to have our laundry room completely revamped.They gave us a very reasonable price and assured us they were going to put our pieces back together. Greg gave us his word that not only was he going to make us comfortable in our home again but  that it would be better than how we found it. Greg and his team, Brian and Julio, were at our house every morning for a week and on time every day. They were very prepared(they had a mobile work center) and courteous and neat. They tore down our ceiling, re did the plumbing, fixed the leak source, fixed some duct work that was done wrong, and put our ceiling back better than what it was.They walked us through every process that they were doing making sure it was to our specs and also teaching us about some of the inner workings of our place. It was a learning experience for me being the “handyman” of the house. They even helped me when i ran into trouble replacing light fixtures and doorbells. To be honest they were a pleasure to have around and we kind of missed them once they finished. In the end the work was flawless and me and my wife really got to experience that feeling of bliss when you first move in to your new place. We were “whole” again and finally felt like we were in a place called home. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us to this place. They gave us hope when we had none.

Greg has also been extremely helpful in helping me prepare my evidence for my lawsuit against the seller. Greg made good on his promise and went above and beyond the call of duty. His team is coming back this weekend to make sure that everything is up to their standards. One last thing i have to say is that during these times of economic duress its good to see people that are not just looking to make a buck but are passionate about their work, grateful to be working, and willing to help in any capacity(Brian even found it in his heart to help a stray dog he saw roaming our facility). My fellow members these are the people that we need to support. My experience with Greg and his team was an amazing journey. It taught me a standard of work ethic by which all others will be measured by but honestly after this experience I don’t think I will be looking any further than these these guys.